The Right Actions for Success

right actions

Right Actions

The right actions contribute to marketing success.

They could be as simple as responding to phone and email messages promptly. Actions like this please clients, paving the way for repeat and referral business.

Actions might also be as complex as content-rich websites–what a great way to attract potentially ideal clients!

Planning, Doing, Evaluating

The planning stage focuses on gathering the information necessary to set marketing goals and develop the strategies to achieve these goals. In effect, marketing planning outlines the results we want to achieve and the right actions to be taken to achieve these results.

Once marketing plans have been developed, it’s time to start doing whatever is required to achieve the desired outcomes. Set out in the marketing plan, these actions start and maintain the momentum necessary for a successful outcome.

Sometimes things work out exactly as planned. Other times our results are better …or worse…than hoped for or expected. Regardless of whether outcomes are good, bad or indifferent, it’s important to evaluate what happened. Evaluation is a continuous, ongoing process that will help improve, or at least duplicate, desirable results and also minimize the occurrence of less satisfactory results.

Enhance The Right Actions With Your Personal Know-How

Even the best marketing-focused actions can be improved through the appropriate application of selected elements of you personal know-how.

Included in the social skills category of our personal know-how are personal characteristics that might enhance your right actions. These characteristics help us take actions that can result in improving the performance and outcome of individual marketing activities. For example…

Accurate & Simple: Accurate actions focus on connecting with and attracting ideal clients. The more focused and accurate the marketing communications are, the higher the likelihood of generating more new business. Also, by keeping our actions simple, we can increase the accuracy of our marketing actions and communications.

Remember the old KISS adage: Keep It It Short ‘n Simple? It’s a good guideline for marketing actions.

Acting Smart: Acting smart is the natural outcome of working smart and not hard.

Working smart is working to achieve specific goals. Working hard is working to fill time and keep busy. If you tend to work smart instead of just hard, you can expect much better results from your marketing.

Committed To Completion: With today’s seductive selection of marketing resources and tools, it’s easy to switch from one existing technique to another, often before the first one has even been launched. People who are committed to completing current actions are more likely to achieve their desired results from marketing actions than those who jump from one action to another.

Timely & Responsive: Success in any human endeavor is due in large part to being in the right place at the right time and responding appropriately to opportunities that arise. Applying one’s personal sense of timeliness and responsiveness will dramatically enhance the overall effectiveness of even the best marketing actions.

Systematize & Integrate: Virtually all marketing actions will be more effective and efficient when systematized. This is especially true of the key strategies networking, generating referrals, and keeping in touch

Once marketing actions have been systematized, the easy next step is to integrate these different systems into a comprehensive marketing system. If your personal skills include systematization and integration, applying these skills to your marketing actions will position you to outperform the competition.

As is likely the case, you have many more personality traits and characteristics that are not listed here. What elements of your store of know-how can improve the results of your marketing actions? In marketing professional services, there are few factors that contribute to success more than making the right actions even better.

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