The Best Email Marketing Practices for Professionals

email marketing practices

The Best Email Marketing for Professionals

Given the popularity of email, what are the best email marketing practices for professionals?

From the big picture perspective, email seems to be under attack on all fronts.  Few governments have failed to outlaw spam.

Most email users apply spam filters either built into software applications or through personal judgment calls. As a result, a huge number of messages fail to get into in-boxes, let alone actually read by intended recipients.

Hardly a day goes by without posts on one social media application or another downplaying the importance of email marketing and forecasting its demise.

Curious about how professionals use email marketing and email marketing practices, I wrote about the issue in a series of blog posts. I also shared links to with LinkedIn groups of which I am a member.

These posts generated some interesting comments, many of which suggested what might be considered the best email practices for professionals.

The following following comments offer insights into the current state of email marketing; they also offer suggestions for the best email marketing practices. Key phrases are underlined for emphasis:

Email Is Alive And Well

Sal Carrgero, co-founder at Strategic Alliance does not believe that email is losing its

“I’m afraid that people that say email is dead have no idea what they are talking about. They make this statement without any facts or figures. It’s just their opinion, remember you are not the market, the market is the market. We send out 50 million emails per month and only six months ago we were sending 43 million emails monthly and 12 months ago it was 29 million per month.

Sal is not alone in his belief in email:

Eric Majchrzak , Shareholder and Chief Marketing Officer at Beach Fleischman PC:

“Not dead – It’s about how valuable your content is and how engaged your audience is (or is not).”

Joseph Norcott, , Business Growth and Marketing Advisor:

“Email isn’t dead. However, it should never be considered the absolute solution to marketing. Email is part of a marketing process. It can be used as part of generating new leads and staying in touch with existing customers and lost customers. Like anything else it is part of a mixed multi-media approach. Example: In growing your business without spending large amounts of dollars it can be part of of a PPC, SEO, DM campaign of offline to online or as part of a follow-up campaign.”

Lawrence Portnoff, Founder and Chairman at 4 Walls, Inc.

:“…We have found email to be especially valuable to our marketing efforts and those of our clients. It is about useful messaging which resonates to an audience. One of our strongest platforms for opening a discussion which leads to new biz.”

The Future of Email Marketing

As helpful as these best email marketing practices may be, what does the future hold?

Joe Kovacs APR, , Director of Marketing at Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman, CPAs, Board Member, Association for Accounting Marketing:

“What Twitter brought to the game, which email marketers can learn from, is message delivery in a concise format.
“Even if most emails are never opened, readers can’t get away from a subject line. I find it amazing that not much has been written about this subject to date. If you can pack a really powerful, pertinent message into a subject line, it doesn’t even matter if those emails don’t get opened at the outset. Of course, it should go without saying that the email behind that subject line still needs to deliver in spades, for those who open it.
“But you’ve got the name of a sender, you’ve got a solid message, etc. in front of a reader that they can’t avoid. Some branding will inevitably occur. And if you keep the consistency up–that is, emails with subject lines that promise some great stuff–eventually the emails will get opened.”

George Cozma, Email Marketing Specialist at Red Mountain Management

“I might be partial to this debate since I work as an email marketer, but email together with re-targeting are the two most efficient sales channels any marketer has at his/her disposal.
Plus, the ole’ email is actually evolving. Spam is more or less a problem of the past and on average the efficiency (deliverability, open rate, click through rate) of email is going up. Technologies like Bayesian filtering, cryptographic signatures like DKIM, formalized rulesets like DMARC, the new split testing culture and seamless integration from the Analytics side all play a role in this.”

The Best Email Marketing Practices For Professionals

There is no better way to identify the best email marketing practices than the comments of satisfied and presumably successful users.  The underlined words and phrases from above suggest best email marketing practices:

  • Instead of relying upon our own preconceived ideas, it is preferable to understand what is really happening in the market
  • offer valuable in email messages
  • incorporate email as part of a marketing process…the most critical of all email marketing practices
  • part of a mixed multi-media approach
  • to generate new leads
  • keep in touch with existing and lost clients
  • as part of of a PPC, SEO, DM campaign of offline to online or as part of a follow-up campaign
  • as useful messaging which resonates to an audience
  • to open a discussion which leads to new business
  • use new technologies like Bayesian filtering, cryptographic signatures like DKIM, formalized rulesets like DMARC, the new split testing culture and seamless integration.

Some Final Words

Alicia Lombardo, Founder & CEO at Mosaic Marketing, LLC

“Tokey point sum all of the above up: Emails need to have appealing content, present concise messages (with a call to action if possible), be sent to a relevant targeted audience, and should be only one component of a comprehensive communications strategy.”

Many thanks to these and many other LinkedIn members who took the time to respond to my posts. Their comments contributed to the above collection of best email marketing practices. Check out their profiles to learn more about these professionals…they are doing some great things.  They can help us all learn what we need to know about appropriate email marketing practices.

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