Applying Your Personal Know-How

personal know-how

Personal Know-How

Your personal know-how plays a major role in marketing success.

This know-how represents the total of everything you have learned from formal education and training and also from your life experience.

It is amazing how skills from one area of our lives can be used to serve and satisfy clients.

Formal Education and Training

For professionals, it is their formal education, training and certificates or licenses that sets them apart in the marketplace. The factors help establish professionals as being trustworthy and competent, criteria that most clients look for in hiring professionals.

Included with this formal approach to education are ongoing education programs and self-study opportunities in live, electronic and hard copy format.

Through these designated learning opportunities we learn new information and hopefully the skills necessary to apply this information.

Without doubt, formal or planned learning opportunities make major contributions to our personal know-how.

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Experience-Based Personal Know-How

As adults, we recognize that experience is the best teacher. The proverb that gave rise to this idiom tells us:

You will learn more from things that happen to you in real life than you will from hearing about or studying things that happen to other people.”

It’s difficult, if not impossible to not have experiences as we live our lives. In today’s busy world, many people are so preoccupied that they fail to notice most of those things that happen in real life, let alone the learning potential of these experiences.

Increasing one’s awareness of experience is a matter of developing the self-awareness and focus to take note of the things that happen around us. To learn from an individual experience answer the following four questions:

  1. What was the experience…i.e what happened?
  2. What did you observe, think and/or feel during the experience?
  3. What can you conclude from the experience?
  4. How can you apply the conclusion in your personal and/or business life?

With these questions, you can add experience based learning to you accumulated personal know-how.

Social Skills & Personal Know-How

This category is all about how we relate to and interact with others, both individually and in groups. This includes our ability to understand, appreciate, and get along well with others.

Good social skills and know-how combine to increase our likeability. They help make us more attractive to potential clients, actual contacts and clients. As a result we can attract more clients, generate more referrals and satisfy clients more.

key pointAs valuable and important as these categories are, too many professionals maintain a lop-sided approach to applying their know-how. Instead of drawing upon all possible components of their personal know-how they focus on their professional competence.

Ignoring or otherwise downplaying other categories of know-how does little more than limit the ability to serve and satisfy clients…not an effective approach to marketing professional services.

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