Marketing Challenges: What Is The Best Response?

marketing challenges

Marketing Challenges

Responding to marketing challenges requires more than performing routine marketing tasks.

Performing routine tasks requires an average effort.

Responding effectively to marketing-related challenges requires above-average effort. This extra effort minimizes potential harm from obstacles and maximizes the potential of new opportunities.

Responding to Marketing Pains

The unfortunate reality of marketing professional services is that the process frequently generates as many, or even more problems or pains as it does opportunities or gains.

Instead of the results we want, we get often get unexpected and unpleasant results.

Maybe the volume of traffic to our website has disappeared. Perhaps an expected client engagement failed to materialize. Or what about those times when you have a new marketing initiative all set to launch but some of supporting tools don’t work or have gone missing?

The details of the challenge really don’t matter. What is important is that different marketing challenges generate a wide range of marketing pains and problems. Whatever the nature of the pain, the best response is to do whatever it takes to minimize the potential for harm or damage.

Optimizing Gains Are Also Marketing Challenges

Just as challenges can generate pains, they can also offer opportunities that represent potentially profitable gains for your business.

Maybe that new client needs even more of your services than originally thought…but you are already booked solid. Or perhaps as a result of a significant development in a client’s situation, that client now requires more and different services … if only you had the time and resources.

key pointThe best response to these gain-producing challenges is to do whatever it takes to maximize the potential benefits.

Doing Whatever It Takes

For many people, the idea of doing whatever it takes suggests intense and sustained action. Realistically, the concept is more about degrees of action. In some cases, doing whatever it takes involves a full out effort.

And in other cases, it means minimal effort, or perhaps even doing nothing.

The key is to assess the potential impact on ultimate marketing goals.  The greater the risk or benefit , the greater the effort required.  On the other hand, with less risk or benefit, less effort is required.

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