Marketing Success

marketing success

Marketing Success

 Marketing success is not automatic. Nor is it always easy.

Successfully marketing professional services requires the balance of four factors:

  1. overcoming the challenges that invariably arise in any human endeavor, including marketing professional services
  2. developing and maintain the attitudes and mindset that support the process of working to achieve our desired results
  3. learning and effectively applying the appropriate skills to achieve our desired results
  4. taking the appropriate actions to achieve our desired results as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A balance of all factors is necessary; not just choosing the ones you like best.

What Is Marketing Success?

Given that marketing is all about generating new business, professional services marketing could be considered successful when the desired level of new business has been achieved.

Set out as goals in business and marketing plans these desired levels serve as the results to be achieved and benchmarks to mark progress. When these goals have been achieved, or exceeded, the marketing can be considered successful.

Marketing success can also be measured by the nature and source of new business. As an element of overall business growth, it could come from providing either new or more existing services. Similarly these services could be provided to either current or new clients.

key pointAs is the case with all aspects of marketing, there is no on-size-fits-all standard for marketing success.

In practice, if you are satisfied with the results of your marketing, it can be considered successful. If however, you are not satisfied with the results, it has not been successful. In this case, what can you do to achieve marketing success?

The Best Response To Marketing Challenges

Responding to marketing challenges requires more than performing routine marketing tasks.

Performing routine tasks requires an average effort.

Responding effectively to marketing-related challenges requires above-average effort. This extra effort minimizes potential harm from obstacles and maximizes the potential of new opportunities.

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Maintaining Appropriate Success Attitudes

Success attitudes determine the actions that we take on our individual journeys to success.

Our attitudes are defined by our thoughts.

As Henry Ford told us “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If you think you can successfully market professional services, you are right.

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Taking The Right Actions

The right actions contribute to marketing success.

They could be as simple as responding to phone and email messages promptly. Actions like this please clients, paving the way for repeat and referral business.

Actions might also be as complex as content-rich websites–what a great way to attract potentially ideal clients!

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Applying Your Personal Know-How

Your personal know-how plays a major role in marketing success.

This know-how represents the total of everything you have learned from formal education and training and also from your life experience.

It is amazing how skills from one area of our lives can be used to serve and satisfy clients.

To increase your professional services marketing know-how, check out How To Successfully Market Professional Services – Your Way.  

Regardless of what stage you are at in your marketing, this comprehensive Ebook will help you learn what you need to know to generate more new business.

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Other Aspects of Marketing Professional Services

Marketing Essentials

These essentials are critical to the marketing success of all professional services firms. Thy apply equally to self-employed individuals working on their own from home offices to , members of professional firms occupying several floors in high-rise office towers.

The key is to customize them to reflect your unique situation.

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Marketing Wisdom

Insights and observations help us understand familiar concepts in a new and fresh way.

Driven by experience, these insights and observations often help apply the same old approaches innovatively and creatively frequently achieving better results. Good things get even better when shared.

What marketing insights and observations can you share?

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Marketing Trends

In today’s high speed, hyper-connected world, change is happening faster than most people can manage.

There is no way to track each trend that might influence professional services marketing.

Selected trends will be discussed here.

What trends interest or concern you? Let me know. Maybe I can write about it.

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