Marketing Strategies That Attract More Clients

May 11, 2015 8:16 am


Marketing Strategies That Attract More Clients

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Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategies for professionals attract the most ideal clients. They also  generate more repeat business.

These categories fall into one of four categories:

i. marketing essentials

ii. marketing wisdom

iii. marketing trends

iv. marketing success.


Marketing Essentials

These essentials serve as the basis of virtually all marketing strategies for professionals. They  critical to the marketing success of all professional services firms. They apply equally to self-employed individuals working on their own from home offices to members of professional firms occupying several floors in high-rise office towers.

The key is to customize them to reflect your unique situation.

The following themes are included in Marketing Essentials:

Identifying And Serving The Right Market Niche

The right market niche matches what clients need and want with the services that you can and do offer.

Ideal clients face their own challenges or opportunities. They need professional help in addressing these issues.

You have the right stuff to help them overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities.

Selecting the right target market is more than a good idea. It’s one of the key marketing strategies for professionals

Sending The Right Marketing Message

The purpose of each marketing message is two-fold.

First your messages should help potentially ideal clients understand how you help people like them.

What do potential clients need to know in order to decide to hire you?

Second, they also encourage these potential clients to contact you to learn more.

The content of your messages is probably the most critical of all the essentials of marketing strategies for communicating with the market.

Establishing And Maintaining Effective Marketing Relationships

Effective marketing relationships help maintain a sustainable flow of new business.

Clients, network contacts, suppliers and competitors can all contribute in some way to successful marketing. The overall effectiveness of these relationships depends upon mutual respect and personal trustworthiness

Ideally, all marketing strategies contribute to developing and enhancing interpersonal relationships.

How Market Development Generates New Business

Generally speaking, market development is about expanding the market for specific goods or services.

There are only four ways to expand the market for professional services. This means providing:

1. more existing services to existing clients

2. existing services to new clients

3. new services to existing clients

4. new services to new clients

From the perspective of marketing professional services, the only two sources of new businesses are existing clients and new clients.

Further, there are only two ways to obtain new business from each of these two sources: provide more existing services or provide new services.

For purposes of market development, appropriate marketing strategies focus on one of th above four factors.

Marketing Wisdom

Marketing wisdom represents the knowledge and information that owners of small businesses  accumulate. Typically, we  gain this experience  as we go about marketing our goods and services.

In many cases this know-how takes the form of insights and observations, regardless of the ultimate outcome. .

Experience-based marketing strategies are key components of this wisdom.

The following themes are included in Marketing Wisdom:

The Art of Attracting Ideal Clients

Ideal clients are those people we love to serve and are good at serving.

However, when professionals want new business, they tend to chase after any clients who appear willing to pay the bill.

Instead of searching for new clients, attract the best, the clients who are ideal for us.

Ideal marketing strategies for attracting new clients include networking , soliciting referrals and contacting strangers.

The Science of Generating Repeat Business

Repeat business is the reward that businesses receive and enjoy from satisfying clients.

Consistently, the best way to serve and satisfy clients is to meet their needs and wants, while exceeding their expectations. How do you satisfy clients so much that they keep coming back for more of your service?

Ideal marketing strategies for generating repeat business include satisfying clients and keeping in touch.

Business Growth for Professionals

For many professionals, business growth and marketing are often considered to be one and the same.  Typically business growth plans include marketing strategies, but marketing plans do not always include growth strategies.

In fact, marketing is about generating new business. However, this is only one of the four elements of growing a professional services business. The other three components are:

1. Improvement

2. Innovation

3. Scaling

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are those series of connected, inter-related events that influence and shape professional services marketing. A single isolated incident does not constitute a trend. Nor is a series of seemingly unrelated developments necessarily a trend.

For the most part, a trend happens outside of us, not usually the result of any action that we might have taken.

Few, if any, trends can be totally ignored. By responding with appropriate marketing strategies, damage can be minimized and benefits maximized.

The following themes are included in Marketing Trends:

Developments That Enhance Business Strength

The best developments enhance business strength. They add to and build upon those things that you do well. And even better, they can also reduce the negative impact of those things that we do not do well.

These trends are like a gift from the universe to help you succeed. Applying appropriate marketing strategies can increase the likelihood of success.

Responding to Developments That Undermine Success

The most potentially harmful trends undermine success. They interfere with those things that you consistently do well and perhaps even worse, make any existing weaknesses more of a problem.

The best approach to overcoming obstacles that threaten success is the one that makes the greatest contribution to your ultimate goals.

Applying appropriate marketing strategies can minimize potential harm.

Developments That Offer New Opportunities

Many trends, whether market-driven or performance-related, offer new opportunities.

These opportunities could include any or all of attracting new clients, offering new or improved services and making more efficient use of existing resources.

Applying appropriate marketing strategies can optimize the benefits of new opportunities.

Even developments that seem negative could represent opportunities in disguise.

All new developments are not necessarily negative.

Developments That Create A Business Survival Risk

The most serious survival risk to your business is a reduced demand for services. If fewer clients want or need your services, your business won’t survive.

Defensive marketing is the best response to these risks. These marketing strategies are intended to protect a client base from survival-threatening developments.

Marketing Success

Marketing success is not automatic. Nor is it always easy.

The most effective combination of marketing strategies requires four factors to be balanced:

  1. overcoming the challenges that invariably arise in any human endeavor, including marketing professional services
  2. developing and maintain the attitudes and mindset that support the process of working to achieve our desired results
  3. learning and effectively applying the appropriate skills to skills to achieve our desired results
  4. taking the appropriate actions to achieve our desired results as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A balance of all factors is necessary; not just choosing the ones you like best.

The following themes are included in Marketing Success:

The Best Response To Marketing Challenges

Responding to marketing challenges requires more than performing routine marketing tasks.

Performing routine tasks requires an average effort.

Responding effectively to marketing-related challenges requires above-average effort. This extra effort minimizes potential harm from obstacles and maximizes the potential of new opportunities.

Both outcomes increase the likelihood of generating new business.

Maintaining Appropriate Success Attitudes

Success attitudes determine the actions that we take on our individual journeys to success.

Our attitudes are defined by our thoughts.

As Henry Ford told us “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If you think you can successfully market professional services, you are right.

Taking The Right Actions

The right actions contribute to marketing success.

They could be as simple as responding to phone and email messages promptly. Actions like this please clients, paving the way for repeat and referral business.

Actions might also be as complex as content-rich websites–what a great way to attract potentially ideal clients!

Applying Your Personal Know-How

Your personal know-how plays a major role in marketing success.

This know-how represents the total of everything you have learned from formal education and training and also from your life experience.

It is amazing how skills from one area of our lives can be used to serve and satisfy clients.

Apply The Right Marketing Strategies–Better

It’s one thing to know the right strategies to generate more new business.  But it is something entirely different to apply these strategies effectively and successfully. In a nutshell, that is what this website is all about.

The outline set out above is intended to serve as framework for learning and applying the best marketing strategies for professionals.

Moving forward, all content and blog posts will relate to one of the above themes. Whenever and wherever possible, visitors’ comments and feedback will be incorporated in the content.  Even the best marketing experience gets better when it’s shared.

What marketing strategies have worked best for you?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss which marketing strategies are right form you and how to make the most of these strategies.

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