Improve Your Marketing Skills And Generate More New Business

March 04, 2015 9:57 am


Improve Your Marketing Skills And Generate More New Business

Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

Virtually all professionals face the challenge of marketing skills that are not up to generating the volume of new business they would like. This issue faces most everyone from marketing newbies to seasoned veterans struggling with the issue of generating more new business in today’s electronic and competitive marketplace.

Marketing Skills

The first issue to address is clarifying the concept of marketing skills. For the sake of simplicity, the primary marketing skill set for professionals is social. Individuals with these skills interact well with others. They also like being with other people, serve them and help them.

Realistically, with little or no ability to interact effectively with other people, effectively marketing professional services will be difficult–but not impossible.

Secondary marketing skills include the ability to work well with numbers, words and technology. These abilities contribute to effectively analyzing results and preparing marketing communications respectively. Since each of these functions is critical to effective marketing, the demonstrated ability to work well with them can make significant contributions to attracting new clients and generating more business.

One good feature of these secondary marketing skills is that if you don’t have them, you can buy them from some one who does.

How To Improve Your Marketing Skill Sets

Improvement is a means to an end–not and end in itself. What results do you want to achieve through improving your skills? Do you want more, perhaps better clients? Or maybe you want to attract potential clients instead of searching for new leads.

Perhaps you need a bigger network of contacts or want more referrals.

In one way or another, each of these outcomes depends upon improving social skills and to a lesser degree word skills.

Having identified the results you want to achieve, the next step is finding the most appropriate resource to help you improve the skills necessary to bring about your desired results. Theoretically, this process is really quite simple. Using appropriate key words and phrases, Google these terms to find appropriate resources. However, Google being what it is you will be faced with more information than you could ever imagine or process.

If you want a simpler, more focused approach, you might check out How to Successfully Market Professional Services – Your Way This new Ebook, can help you. Its Table of Contents lists 21 chapters which outline a wide range of primary and secondary marketing skills that can be improved for better results. This comprehensive Table of Contents is free (access instructions in the section entitled Grab Your Free Sample). Feel free to use it as a checklist for identifying and improving your marketing skill sets in order to generate more business.

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