Each Marketing Message Should Help Attract New Clients

marketing message

Marketing Message

The purpose of each marketing message is two-fold.

First your messages should help potentially ideal clients understand how you help people like them.

What do potential clients need to know in order to decide to hire you?

Second, they also encourage these potential clients to contact you to learn more.

The content of your marketing message is probably the most critical of all the essentials of marketing communications.

Help Others Learn

First and foremost, your marketing message is not all about you and your achievements.

Certainly it can, and often does, showcase an individual professional’s expertise. These messages are however better used as educational vehicles than as tools of shameless self-promotion.

key pointThe one and only role of professional qualifications and experience in a marketing message is to establish credibility as a qualified authority. In other words, this credibility gives interested people the reason they need to listen to your message.

Having established professional credibility, the top priority is to help interested people learn what they need to know in order to do business with you and also refer others to you.

In other words, the purpose of marketing messages is to help:

Preparing the Marketing Message

Writing techniques and issues aside, two critical issues influence the preparation of marketing messages.

key pointLike it or not, clients need to know what’s in it for them to do business with you.

Don’t avoid this issue: address it head on. Help them understand the benefits that they will enjoy as a result of being your client. Ideally, your marketing messages will make you the most logical choice for hiring by potential clients and referral by referral sources.

The second issue identifies your desired outcome. What is the desired outcome of your message? What do you want readers to do after they have read the content.

The best marketing messages achieve each of these outcomes. They help clients understand how they will benefit from hiring you as a professional.

Equally important, they also help bring about the results you want from your messages.

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