Marketing Essentials

marketing essentials

Marketing Essentials

These marketing essentials are critical to the marketing success of all professional services firms.

They apply equally to self-employed individuals working alone from home offices to members of professional firms occupying several floors in high-rise office towers.

From Novice to Savvy Marketer

Like the essential ingredients of all human endeavors, these elements play a critical role in the overall effectiveness of professional services marketing.

If you are new to marketing professional services, these marketing essentials will help you learn what you need to know to continue to attract more clients and satisfy clients better. Instead of wasting limited time and money on marketing techniques better suited to promote commodities and consumer goods, you will learn how to generate more new business from new clients and repeat business.

Even more experienced professionals sometimes go off track or get stuck in their marketing. In either case, these essentials can help get the marketing back on track, or otherwise unstuck. It’s kind of like hitting a marketing reset button.

In many cases, savvy marketers forget the fundamental elements of marketing professional services, which results in generating less new business than they need, want and yes, even deserve. For these people, these marketing essentials will help bring about a return to basics, identifying opportunities to perform some tweaking and revising intended to generate better marketing results.

Customizable Marketing Essentials

No two individuals are identical. No two professionals serve and satisfy clients exactly the same.

How could they? No two professionals have the exact same combination of personality, training, skills and experience.

As a result, there is no standardized one-size-fits all solution to marketing professional services.

key pointThe key to successful marketing is to customize the marketing essentials to reflect your unique combination of resources and market situation.

By customizing these marketing essentials, you can distinguish yourself from the competition and even better, generate more of the new business that you need want and deserve.

Identifying And Serving The Right Market Niche

The right market niche matches what clients need and want with the services that you can and do offer.

Ideal clients face their own challenges or opportunities. They need professional help in addressing these issues.

You have the right stuff to help them overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities.

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Sending the Right Marketing Message

The purpose of each marketing message is two-fold.

First your messages should help potentially ideal clients understand how you help people like them.

What do potential clients need to know in order to decide to hire you?

Second, they also encourage these potential clients to contact you to learn more.

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Establishing And Maintaining Effective Marketing Relationships

Effective marketing relationships help maintain a sustainable flow of new business.

key pointClients, network contacts, suppliers and competitors can all contribute in some way to successful marketing. The overall effectiveness of these relationships depends upon mutual respect and personal trustworthiness

Professional competence also plays a role in attracting and serving clients.

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How Market Development Generates New Business

Generally speaking, market development is about expanding the market for specific goods or services.

key pointThere are only four ways to expand the market for professional services. This means providing:

  1. more existing services to existing clients
  2. existing services to new clients
  3. new services to existing clients
  4. new services to new clients

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Other Aspects of Marketing Professional Services

Marketing Wisdom

Insights and observations help us understand familiar concepts in a new and fresh way. Driven by experience, these insights and observations often help apply the same old approaches innovatively and creatively frequently achieving better results.

Good things get even better when shared. What marketing insights and observations can you share?

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Marketing Trends

In today’s high speed, hyper-connected world, change is happening faster than most people can manage.

There is no way to track each trend that might influence professional services marketing.

Selected trends will be discussed here. What trends interest or concern you? Let me know. Maybe I can write about it.

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Marketing Success

Achieving success is not automatic. Nor is it always easy.

key pointSuccessfully marketing professional services requires the balance of four factors: overcoming challenges; your attitudes and mindset; your skills and expertise and the actions you take.

A balance of all factors is necessary; not just choosing the ones you like best.

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