Great Marketing Content Can Inspire Your Audience

July 13, 2015 7:00 am


Great Marketing Content Can Inspire Your Audience

marketing contentGreat marketing content is inspirational in nature. It’s the kind of inspiration that is reflected in comments like:

  • It makes me feel like I can complete the tasks I need to do
  • Reading this content encourages me to get on with making those changes I want
  • It inspires me to get on with resolving this issue
  • Reading this content makes me feel my situation is not as bad as it seems

Overwhelmed By Life

It is not at all uncommon for clients to feel overwhelmed by life and all the challenges that it brings. Everyone recognizes the importance of preparing and filing tax returns. But the longer we put off the task of assembling the receipts and supporting documentation, the more onerous the work becomes.

Most accountants know this phenomenon only too well. During tax season, their content could help inspire clients to believe “I can get that stuff together today…it’s no big deal”. (This example is drawn from personal experience. Yesterday I prepared a new-to-me sales tax return that I had been consciously avoiding for months. It was a lot easier and took much less time than I had expected.)

Good Marketing Content Helps Readers Feel Better

Keep in mind that professionals are in the business of helping clients make the transition from where they are to where they want to be.

Inspirational marketing content can help clients, actual and potential, feel better about themselves and their situations. By helping our audience focus on what they can do will help take the attention away from what they think they can’t do.

you can do itA marketing coach could help people go to that networking event instead of fretting about how they can double their business volume. “Reading this content encourages me to get on with some networking so I can grow my business.”

Similarly, consultants’ marketing content might focus on the solvability of seemingly unsolvable issues. They can help clients believe that instead of continuing to work around a problem, they can get on with resolving it.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of inspiration to help clients feel better about themselves and their individual situations.

By helping clients and others feel better, we are also helping them to take the first steps in making the transition from where they are to where they want to be. That’s part of our work as professionals. Why not add this helpful element to your marketing content?

Speaking of issues and problems, what persistent, niggling issue either big or small, has continued to burble away in your brain? If you could resolve this issue for once and for all, would you do it?

You probably can resolve it. What’s holding you back?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss that niggling issue and how to resolve it.


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