Educational Marketing and Communications Help Generate New Business

June 18, 2014 6:49 am


Educational Marketing and Communications Help Generate New Business

Educational marketing and communications make it easier to stand out from the crowd and generate more new business. As a result, we increase the likelihood of potential clients hiring us and existing clients returning for repeat business.

The Business That Educates Most Wins The Most

marketing and communicationsA well established marketing truism is that the business that educates most wins the most. This is especially applicable to marketing professional services.

Content that engages a target audience, encourage these people to continue to use the content and share it with others through social media. Obviously this will increase the effectiveness of our marketing, which in turn will increase the likelihood of generating more new business. As a result, marketing content that helps the audience feel smarter is an important marketing tool.

In practice, as a result of reading or viewing genuinely educational marketing and communications, people will learn things things that help them feel smarter about a specific topic.

Educational Marketing and Communications Help People Feel Smarter

Typically, they would express this sense of feeling smarter by describing the content with comments like:

* It addresses issues or topics of special concern to me

* It updates me on things I try to keep up with.

* It’s important I remember later what I have read/looked at.

* I look at it as educational. I am gaining knowledge.

Source: Medill on Media Engagement

Help Potential & Existing Clients Learn More

Take a minute to reflect on these comments. How would you feel if your clients, potential clients and referral sources said things like this about your marketing and communications?

Those are very powerful endorsements of your content and by extension you and your brand.

Now, take another minute and give some thought to what it would take for all of your content to be considered truly educational?

It’s not really all that difficult to to add or enhance an educational component to marketing communications. Simply help the audience understand common challenges and issues that affect people like them. Reassure the audience that these challenges and issues can be overcome, offering examples of positive outcomes. And by adding testimonials from satisfied clients, not only do you reinforce the resolvability of seemingly insoluble problems, you position yourself as their most logical choice for help.

What kind of an impact would that have on your marketing … and your inflow of new business?


4 thoughts on “Educational Marketing and Communications Help Generate New Business

  1. Rick Culberson

    I work almost exclusively in the Business Owner and Professional market and wish to conduct educational workshops and communications, but I have had difficulty in defining or locating a program of interest to attract a sufficient audience in this market. I would love to hear from someone who has had success in dealing with this.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Rick

      Thanks for your message. I’d be happy to share some thoughts with you privately.

      I will be in touch within the next day or so.


  2. Joe Hancock

    I agree with your thoughts. In the insurance industry we are guilty of selling rather than educating. I find that in the senior market, I must educate, be available, be patient, and most of all be considerate and kind. When I do those things, I build trust with the seniors, and they do allow me to help them stretch their dollars.

    Educating always trumps over selling every time – just my thought.

  3. Joyce Brehe

    Educating your prospects is an act of service. It positions you as a knowledgeable consultant rather than a salesperson.

    In my experience, the most satisfying business relationships result from genuinely caring enough about your prospect or client to first listen to/for their spoken and unspoken concerns, then address those concerns in a way that educates and encourages.

    A trusted consultant or advisor guides the client as they make an educated decision which will provide them with long-term benefit.


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