How An Easy Marketing Analysis Helps Generate More New Business

February 23, 2015 9:38 am


How An Easy Marketing Analysis Helps Generate More New Business

marketing analysis

Marketing Analysis

What is your marketing analysis telling you about your efforts to generate new business?

Are you getting the best results possible from your marketing activities? Or are you frustrated by consistently unsatisfactory results ?

Unfortunately, too many professionals fail to undertake any kind of marketing analysis.

Maybe they are too busy, or perhaps they don’t know how to go about collecting and understanding relevant statistics. It’s also possible that many just don’t understand the usefulness of a marketing analysis.

Conducting A Marketing Analysis Is Easy

The process of conducting a marketing analysis is as straight-forward and easy as it gets. It’s about figuring out what you did to generate the income level that you achieved.

How many engagements did it take to achieve these results? And of course, what did you do in order to generate this income level and number of engagements?

For professionals, most new business comes byway of referral and repeat business. As easy as it is, identifying repeat clients is one of the most essential elements of a marketing analysis. Having hired you more than once, these people represent your ideal clients. The more of these kinds of clients you can attract, the more new business you can generate.

Tracking Your Marketing Results

Having identified ideal clients, before proceeding further, two questions must be addressed.

  1. How do my ideal clients find me?
  2. Why do my ideal clients choose me?

The answer to question 1 will help establish the marketing and promotional approaches that best attract ideal clients. And the answer to question 2 will help formulate the content of your marketing messages.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, ask your clients. Assuming that you to have satisfied your clients, they will be happy to help you.

The information generated by these two questions will determine the systems and processes that are appropriate for monitoring and analyzing marketing statistics.

This marketing analysis will serve as the basis for attracting more and perhaps better clients. There is no better way of generating more of the kind of new business you need want and yes, even deserve.

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