Life-Changing Experiences = Business Growth

October 31, 2014 10:29 am


Life-Changing Experiences = Business Growth

life-changingYet another life-changing experience. Who needs it?

It’s not like I have these experiences frequently or at regular intervals. Mercifully, I have probably had no more than five or six over my entire life. But that’s enough.

Early in this current experience I felt that some evil hand had taken every aspect of my life, tossed it a box, shook the box and then said: “There…you sort this mess out”

As far as I can tell, my current life-changing experience started with a series of three major website and computer issues, then proceeded to a couple of family crises which led to serious health issue now under control and in the resolution stage.

What Is A Life-Changing Experience?

By nature, these experiences alter a person’s life or circumstances in a substantial way.

Take for example my website and computer issues. The first issue was the inadvertent deletion of my website from the host server…without a back-up copy.

Once this problem was resolved, we learned that the site had been hacked and more than 2200 spam links inserted.

Not to be left out, my computer system crashed.

Clearly, these experiences altered my technology circumstances in a substantial way.

What’s Changing?

Once we started to recover from the triple whammy, I realized that as important as my website and computer are to my business, I had not protected them sufficiently against life’s contingencies.

The website was designed and maintained on a fee-for-service basis by an excellent and experienced individual. In practice, this meant when I needed something done, I asked him and he fit this work into his schedule. Similarly, whenever I had a problem with my computer, I took it to a reliable neighborhood technician.

I now know that the website is too critical to be left to a service on request basis. We are now moving toward the website design and maintenance being delivered on a joint venture basis, with compensation based on a revenue-sharing.

Similarly, instead of waiting for computer issues to develop, I will be instituting a system of regular checks and inspection points.

Sure I could have implemented these changes without the life-changing triple whammy, but there is nothing like a major shock to stimulate positive action.

It’s like best-selling author Joe Vitale says: “When something bad happens, turn it into something good.”

And that’s the silver lining of negative life-changing experiences: they can be the catalyst for creating something better, even growing a business.

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