What Inconvenience Must Your Clients Overcome To Benefit From Your Service?

June 12, 2015 7:33 am


What Inconvenience Must Your Clients Overcome To Benefit From Your Service?



Client inconvenience represents the obstacles that stand in the way of clients getting the benefits they want from our services.

By way of example, consider what is a major source of aggravation in today’s marketplace: taking a flight on a commercial airline.

As passengers, we want time-efficient, hassle-free travel.

But the factors that stand in the way of what we want include: stressful ground travel to and from airports, line-ups at check-in and security, the show-and-tell of security clearances, long treks to remote gates to board the aircraft, crowded, rushed boarding and so on.

Client Inconvenience

In most businesses, even yours and mine, clients must make sacrifices in order to enjoy the benefits of the services they seek.

In your business, what must clients settle for…in order to get what they want from you?

Is it a clunky, unfriendly website…difficulty in contacting you…bad location or parking…your busy schedule…a weak referral network…or something entirely different?

I continue to stumble across annoying examples of this phenomenon.

Here’s what I mean. The last time I had my computer serviced, my top priority was to restore my system to its pre-service functionality. In many cases, this involved downloading and re-installing some of my favorite, frequently used software.

Technically, that’s usually no big deal. After a few clicks, the system takes over, with some kind of a status bar showing the progress. The problem is that not all download procedures tell us how long the process will take.

Will the downloading take only a few minutes, so that I can start re-using it almost immediately? Or will it take some time, perhaps over an hour?

Even though this is not a big issue, it does illustrate the kinds of inconvenience that clients must make in order to benefit from our services.

Accentuate The Positive

As problematic as client inconvenience may appear to be, nothing will be gained by worrying about whatever damage they may be causing. After all, you must be doing something right to satisfy clients. If you weren’t, they wouldn’t keep coming back. .

How do you satisfy your clients? Focusing on what satisfies clients will help downplay, if not eliminate inconvenience and those frustrations that they don’t want.

As a client service issue, eliminating client inconvenience, contributes to the client service SuperStrategy on your marketing framework.

key pointSuccessfully marketing professional services is all about satisfying clients’ needs and wants as well as exceeding their expectations. If the concept of marketing is new to you or you don’t know as much about it as you would like, check out Marketing Professional Services.

This Ebook contains basic information that will help improve your marketing know-how which in turn can help identify and reduce whatever obstacles may stand between you and your clients.

If you prefer a more proactive hands-on approach, check out How to Market Professional Services. This Ebook is in effect a self-study course that will help learn what you need to know to generate more business for your professional services business.

Unfortunately, too many people allow themselves to become so focused on negative issues that any problems appear bigger than they really are. Shifting the focus to more positive issues, such as attracting and satisfying ideal clients, we can help reduce the aggravation of any inconveniences to clients.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss any inconvenience hat your clients must overcome in order to enjoy the benefits of your service.

2 thoughts on “What Inconvenience Must Your Clients Overcome To Benefit From Your Service?

  1. Kevin

    nice one, i didn’t really realize it until you comes with this post. usually what people are sacrificing are their time. i currently live in Taiwan and they have night market everywhere, there is this please who sells baked Japanese mochi, while baking the mochi, they provide the customers with mini TV that shows videos of Japanese pranks and Japanese realty show, so while waiting for the mochi baked, the customers can watch the show and i they enjoyed it, i think when a customers sacrificing something you have to substitute their sacrifices with something else so the wouldn’t mind sacrificing their time. sorry for bad English

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kevin

      Good post…thanks. No need to apologize for your English: you gave a good example of not inconveniencing clients.


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