Yes, you read that right. Now you can save 16%, 25%, or even 100% on Laser Coaching. And yes …saving

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Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018

Too many service providers waste too much time, money and energy on marketing their services. Instead of generating more welcome

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Monday, 02 Jul 2018

If you want more new business, the absolute best way to make this happen is to generate more referrals. Here

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Tuesday, 08 May 2018


Professional Services Connection Marketing Strategies for Professionals

A Resource for Professionals Who Want More New Business…

But Prefer Serving Clients to Marketing Their Services

If you love serving clients, but hate marketing professional services…or are too busy to market …you’ve come to the right place.

This site will help you change your approach to marketing and start generating more new business.

The Best Marketing Strategies for Professionals

marketing strategies for professionalsToo many professionals see marketing as shameless self-promotion and aggressively pitching their services. Perhaps the norm in other businesses, these techniques don’t help market professional services.

Marketing professional services is about generating more new business.

There are two primary sources of new business.

The best source is repeat business from current and past clients.

The next best source is referrals from friends and family, clients and contacts.

Professional Services Connection will help you learn what you need to know to generate more repeat and referral business. It addresses the most appropriate marketing strategies for professionals, clearly and concisely.

On Your Own But Not Alone

Most professionals work alone or with up to three others.

Cost-effective as this arrangement may be, it also limits the access to experience-based marketing know-how normally available in larger professional firms.

Professional Services Connection will help you connect with like-minded professionals, share marketing experience-based information and learn how to generate more new business.

Generate More New Business…Sooner

Professional Services Connection offers a comprehensive collection of the best marketing strategies for professionals.

marketing strategies for professional servicesThis will help you find the marketing support you need and find it sooner.

Instead of spending time searching the net for relevant marketing information, you can quickly and easily scan this site to identify your best marketing strategies for professionals for generating new business.

The sooner that you learn how to improve your marketing and start generating new business.

Isn’t it time to enjoy the new business that you need, want and deserve?