How Important Are Good Communication Skills?

June 05, 2015 7:00 am


How Important Are Good Communication Skills?

good communication skillsCertainly good communication skills are necessary to attract and serve clients. Obviously, if we cannot effectively communicate our marketing messages it is unlikely that we can help potential clients understand how they will benefit from our service.

Similarly, if we cannot communicate effectively with clients, it is unlikely that we can maximize the assistance that we deliver.

But in running our own businesses, it is also important that we communicate with a wide range of others, from employees to suppliers, from colleagues to strangers. Without a tangible product to help communicate our messages, it all comes down to good communication skills.

Astrid Arpafo sums it with the comment: “I would simply put that your communication skills could either make or break your career.”

The 3 Challenges of Good Communication Skills


The quality of communication skills is a totally subjective, relative evaluation. There are no objective criteria that define good communication skills for every person in every situation.

As a result, there is no handy dandy checklist to accurately evaluate the overall effectiveness of our communication skills. To address concerns about the overall effectiveness of communication, instead of evaluating the skills themselves, take a look at the results that your communications are generating.

If you are generally satisfied with your results, your communication skills are probably good. If however, you are unhappy with the results produced by a communication process, you might take a closer look at your communication skills.

Self-Evaluating Communication Skills

Without the assistance of audio or video recording, or even better a trusted third party, self-evaluating communication skills is virtually impossible. Not only is it difficult to accurately remember the details of our messages, in most cases, we are so engrossed with the actual content of our messages that we are oblivious to most everything else.

Several years ago, an out-of-town friend accompanied me on a couple of media interviews to promote one of my books. After the first interview, when I asked him for feedback, he said that I used the word “stuff” too much and that my responses to the interview questions were too much like text book answers, not personal enough.

I kept kept his comments in mind for the next session and was delighted with the feedback from the interviewer who loved the personal stories used in response to questions.

More Than Good Communication Skills

Great communication is much more than just a bundle of good skills. It includes the right mix of attitudes, information and action on the part of both the person sending the message and the audience, whether one person or a group, in writing or spoken live or recorded. Communicating effectively is a complex, often demanding process, a process in which good communication skills play a critical role.

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