3 Ways to Generate Testimonials

April 08, 2015 7:49 am


3 Ways to Generate Testimonials

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Generate Testimonials

Like generating business referrals, their client-satisfaction twin, knowing how to generate testimonials is a  powerful marketing tool. Also like referrals, testimonials are fairly easy to generate…if you know how.

Here are three great ways to generate more.

1. Ask For Them

If you want more clients to endorse you and your work, you have to ask.

Regardless of how satisfied they are, few clients offer endorsements on their own. It’s not that they didn’t appreciate your help. They may be busy, preoccupied with their own issues.

Conventional marketing wisdom tell us that satisfied clients will happily endorse you and your work if you ask.

These endorsements are very much like referrals. As a result, the same principles will help  generate referrals also apply to generating testimonials. To learn more about this process, see How to Generate More Referrals – Implement a Referral System.

2. Increase Your Awareness of Quotable Statements

From time to time, most of us receive compliments from current and past clients. More than feel good moments, these private endorsements also represent potential testaments to your professionalism

As graciously and respectfully as possible, leverage each compliment into a testimonial.

Simply savoring the good feeling represents a lost marketing opportunity.

To maximize these opportunities, create a system to easily convert these compliments into endorsements.

3. To Generate Testimonials, Give Testimonials

It’s unrealistic to generate testimonials from others if you do not give testimonials to others.

When endorsing others, whenever possible incorporate the following elements:

  • your main concerns before choosing the business for which you are giving the testimonial
  • what you discovered when you started working with that business
  • would you recommend that business to others? Why?

This focused and concise approach delivers helpful information, which will help the business attract more ideal clients like you. And as an added bonus, these elements will also serve as guidelines to help you generate more endorsements from your clients.

Now it’s your turn to start to generate testimonials.

Think of the compliments that you received from a clients or network contacts over the past few years. Next, rework each compliment into a testimonial. Once you have finished each testimonial, contact the individual client or contact who made the original comments and request their permission to use their words as a testimonial. Most will say yes, many will also offer more comments that you can add to their respective testimonial.

That was easy wasn’t it? Now you have a base to which you can continuously to generate testimonials. This testimonial base will generate two significant benefits. First it will increase the comfort of potentially ideal clients to choose to do business with you.

Second, it will also encourage satisfied clients to add their voices to the group of people who endorse you and your work.

Whatever you do to generate testimonials will inevitably enhance your ability to attract more ideal clients.

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