What Will Future Communication Be Like?

May 27, 2015 7:00 am


What Will Future Communication Be Like?

future communications

Future Communications

To preview future communication, review some of the developments and advances that have contributed to today’s communication.

A couple of years ago, I got my first smart phone. Not a big telephone talker, I was curious about all the excitement generated by smart phones. As much as I appreciated the easier-to-use telephone features, I really loved Internet access on such a small, portable device. If only the screen wasn’t so small…

And then along came my tablet! Amazing Internet access and a bigger, more readable screen.

Beyond my personal exploration of mobile devices, other things were also happening. More people and organizations were communicating more messages about more products, services and issues.

Like it or not, that’s what future communication will be like: more messages from more people, using more advanced and sophisticated tools.

Managing Communication Directed At You

In responding to the continuously increasing flow of communication directed at us, most of us will continue to do what we have always done…but do more of it.

We will continue to filter out most of the communication that comes our way, considering only those messages most relevant to us and our personal situations. The less a piece of communication piece addresses our needs and wants, the less likely we will even open it.

Managing Your Marketing Messages In Future Communication

In continuing to stand out from the increasingly crowded flow of future communication, it’s even more important to follow the principles of effective communication.

In order to have an audience take the action you want them to, whether now or in the future, it is critical to effectively address their needs and wants. Otherwise, your messages will join the millions of other ignored communications.

What a waste of marketing effort.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss how to make your future communication as effective as possible.

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