FREE Marketing Coaching & Ebooks!!

April 10, 2018 10:45 am


FREE Marketing Coaching & Ebooks!!

I have just launched my first online course.

To celebrate the launch I am giving away free laser coaching sessions and copies of my referrals & networking books.

I can’t think better way of jump-starting the course and kick-starting your referrals program.

If you want more clients, referrals are the best way to generate this new business.

Typically they generate pre-qualified clients … effectively and efficiently.

My online course How To Generate Referrals For Your Service Business will help you (or some one you know) learn the basics of attracting new referral business.

The referrals book will build upon these basics; the networking book will help increase the number of referral sources.

FREE is Good

The first 100 students who complete the class project will receive free copies of How to Generate More Referrals and Developing Your Personal Network.

These students’ names will be entered into a draw for one of three free laser coaching sessions to be given away.

Like a good computer support desk, laser marketing coaching can help you quickly and easily overcome that obstacle to the flow of new business that you want, need and deserve.

Laser marketing coaching requires so little time … but delivers so much value.
In order to qualify for the free books and laser coaching, there are two criteria to be met.

First, access to the full course is limited to members Skillshare, the platform through which the course is offered.

But as the old saying goes “Membership Has Its Privileges”. 

Skillshare membership offers access to over 18,000 online courses presented by qualified and passionate instructors.  The monthly cost of access to these courses is about the same as 2-3 Starbucks specialty coffees.

What a great combination of huge value and low cost!

Whether you are looking for business training or personal growth and development, Skillshare offers a wide range or online courses.

The other factor is that you complete the online referrals course.

On completion of the course, you will have learned what you need to know to generate more referrals.

This free offer is limited to the first 100 students who complete the course. The sooner you complete the course, the sooner you will receive your free books.

Check It Out

I am delighted with my first online course.

Feel free to check out my course … and any others that may interest you. You can access my course … or check out other Skillshare courses, by clicking here.

I look forward to sending your free books when you finish my referrals course.

And who knows, maybe I will even have the opportunity of working with you in a laser coaching session.

Thanks for reading this post.

I look forward to helping you market your services.

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