How to Find Smarter Ways to Generate More New Business

June 10, 2015 7:00 am


How to Find Smarter Ways to Generate More New Business

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s essential to find smarter ways to continuously generate more new business,.

No longer can we complacently continue to do what we have always done, hoping to generate more new business. As in every aspect of running a professional services business, we must work smarter, not harder.

For purposes of marketing professional services, working smarter includes applying innovative techniques to generate new business effectively and efficiently.

Find Smarter Ways Outside Your Market

find smarterSometimes we become so focused on our geographic market or service area that we miss the opportunity to find smarter marketing approaches that take place around us.

With virtually all organizations engaged in marketing, whether public or private sector, not-for-profit, large and small, local or international, there is no shortage of examples of good marketing.

My constant workday companion is a local member-supported radio station Jazz.FM. The station delivers more than companionship and great music. Its own promotions and its sponsors’ paid advertising consistently demonstrate new and innovative ways of connecting with their markets and audiences.

Think back to past week or so. What are some of the more imaginative or innovative marketing approaches have made it through your marketing/advertising filter and successfully connected with your awareness? If you can’t think of anything, congratulations…your filter works very well. However, for purposes of this exercise, reduce the filtering somewhat, just to see what kinds of smarter ways of marketing make it through to your consciousness.

Customize Smarter Ways to Your Situation

Among the many things that I love about Jazz.FM is how it continues to develop and enhance its community of listeners.

Along with its regular programming, the radio station continues to offer listeners the opportunity to share their ideas, feelings and memories. I have learned some amazing community development techniques that sooner or later find their way into our online community for professionals.

What about some of the smarter marketing that has made it through the filters of your firewall and landed on your awareness screen? How can you customize some of those concepts to reflect you and your own market situation?

One you find smarter ways of marketing professional services, not much is going to happen until you apply what you have learned. Then, and only then, can you expect to generate more new business from smarter marketing.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss how to find smarter ways to generate more new business.

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