Engaging Content Makes Your Audience Feel Good

December 02, 2015 9:30 am


Engaging Content Makes Your Audience Feel Good

engaging contentWhy does it matter how your audience feels about your content?

The quick answer is that most buying decisions, including decisions to hire professionals, are driven by emotion and justified by rational considerations. This means that if our content makes our audience feel generally positive, potentially ideal clients are emotionally positioned to consider hiring us.

Engaging Content

As encouraging as that may be for our audience to feel good about our engaging content, it does not lead automatically to the decision to hire us. In order to make the decision to hire us, potentially ideal clients must feel engaged with us as individuals and our professional brand as service providers.

Engaging content is not about how often people read or view it. Nor is it content that people like or even recommend.

The key element of engaging content is experiences.

Why Do Experiences Matter?

For purposes of marketing-related engaging content, there are three fundamental reasons that experiences are important.

1. All Content Creates User Experience

Think about that for a minute. What was the last written, audio or visual content that pleased you, annoyed you or was just plain confusing?

2. Positive Experience Attracts; Negative Experience Repels

I don’t know about you but for me, writers who leave me feeling generally positive will be rewarded with my continuing to read their work. On the other hand, those writers who leave me feeling negative or confused seldom get a second change for me to read their work. Life’s too short to choose negative experiences.

3. You Can Control the Experience That Your Content Delivers

Regardless of whether you prepare your own content or delegate the task to some one else, you can and should control the experience that it delivers. Obviously, if you want to attract new clients, the best approach would be to create engaging content that delivers positive experiences for your audience.

What experience does your content deliver to your audience? If it’s anything less that 100% positive, what would it take to write more engaging content?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss how to make your content more engaging.