Ending Email & Voice Mail?

October 29, 2014 1:24 pm


Ending Email & Voice Mail?

ending emailWill new communication tools result in ending email and voice mail?

In a recent post, I wrote about future communication. In that post, I suggested that if we wanted to know the future of communication, all we had to do was to review the recent past.

Based on this review, it’s reasonable to conclude that in the future, more people and organizations will be using more vehicles to send more messages. This trend will contribute to reduced, if the completely ending email.

Here is another question to consider. What current communication vehicles will lose their popularity in the future?

Ending Email

Because most of us hate unwanted email, there is a widespread on-going war against spam being fought on many fronts. Governments do their best to legislate and regulate spam; many email users spam filters online or built-in features of their in-boxes. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get email messages into in-boxes. Because of spam issues, many people are ending email as a primary communication vehicle.

If you have at least one email account, you probably have several unopened messages in your in-box. The more email accounts, the more unopened messages. users , let alone opened and responded to. (There are 606 unopened messages in my three email accounts…gotta do something about that, but not sure what.)

Alternatives to Email

Given the difficulty of getting email messages into in-boxes, opened and read, not surprisingly the variety of alternatives to email such as text, IM, social media and direct contact through websites are becoming increasingly popular.

All things considered, email is more likely to experience a decline in effectiveness and usage than enjoy continued growth. A completely ending email is unlikely.

These same alternatives to email also offer faster, less clumsy options than conventional voice mail. Instead of punching buttons in response to voice prompts, it is usually faster and easier to read a printed message and respond immediately.

Typically I don’t use the telephone in my business so managing voice mail is not an issue for me.

What are your thoughts? Which of email and voice mail do you least? What alternatives, if any do you use?

2 thoughts on “Ending Email & Voice Mail?

  1. Eric Graham

    I belive that email will always be part of the paradigm for transmitting documents and direct correspondence. However as a method of reaching the masses it has become obsalete and way over used thereby becoming very ineffictive. Kind of like the fax machine. I believe that to reach the masses the TV, Radio and Print will once again emerge as the media of choice.

    1. admin Post author

      Good comment Eric, thanks.

      I have never thought of email being like a fax but it certainly makes sense. Remove the mass marketing application from each and both are ideal vehicles for for communicating specific written or graphic information.

      I’m not a big TV fan but continue to rely on online versions conventional media for news and updates on current events. So I can certainly see the potential of traditional mass media as vehicles for mass communication.


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