The Power of Effective Storytelling

September 11, 2015 7:15 am


The Power of Effective Storytelling

Powerful Storytelling

The more I work with content strategy, the more I recognize the the power of effective storytelling.

For example, over the past couple of days, I have had conversations with two other professionals in which effective storytelling was discussed.

Given the importance of storytelling, it is timely to share this blog post.


“I was happily chatting to my Mom on my cell phone while driving through the centre of Johannesburg. The traffic slowed and I came to a stop behind several others cars, when I heard this loud BANG! I saw this scrawny arm come in through my smashed passenger window and grab my handbag. I instinctively let out a rip-roaring scream that petrified my poor mother on the other side of the phone and then burst out crying. I had just been involved in a ‘smash-and-grab’ robbery!”

“According to the MEC, there were 1 306 smash-and-grabs reported to the police in the 2013-14 financial year and 999 between April and December. Pretoria Central police station took the top spot on the list, while Sandton police station came in at number two, followed by the Joburg Central Hillbrow, Douglasdale and Florida police stations.”

Ask yourself which of the above two paragraphs will convince you to keep your valuables in your car boot?

Stories spark emotions. We have an intuitive, emotional side as well as a deliberate, rational side to our character. Too often in business we only try and connect with people on a rational level but this isn’t enough to actually change how people behave. People may understand what you want them to do, but if they aren’t emotionally engaged they just won’t do it! Storytelling gives leaders a way of inspiring colleagues in a way that appeals to both sides of our character.

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How well are you telling your story in your marketing?

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