What Features Distinguish Your Services From All Others?

December 01, 2016 8:00 am


What Features Distinguish Your Services From All Others?

distinguishMost professionals fail to effectively distinguish themselves from the competition. As a result, potentially ideal clients are unable to identify which of many seemingly the same professionals can help them most.

You have probably experienced this same frustration when looking for professional help. All attorneys appear much the same, as do all accountants or consultants.  As mentioned in my earlier marketing evaluation post, I launched an LinkedIn marketing initiative earlier this year.  This involved scanning several thousand LinkedIn profiles, mostly consultants.

This process confirms that from an outsider’s point of view there is precious little to distinguish professionals in one service area from all others in the same area.

Not only is this frustrating for potentially ideal clients, it’s a serious handicap to effective marketing. A marketing evaluation is the ideal vehicle for clarifying the features that distinguish your services from all others.

Here two experience-based, objective factors that can help distinguish you and your services.  These factors are intended to serve as examples of the kinds of actors that distinguish you and your services.  Use your creativity to full clarify and articulate the distinctive individual that you really are.

Factors That Distinguish You And Your Services

Service Personality

Our professional training and experience play a major role in shaping the personalities that we bring to client service.  This certainly makes sense: all of us is influenced by the people with whom we interact.

But shaping a personality is not the same as defining a personality.

As a practicing lawyer, I loved hearing clients tell me that I didn’t act like a lawyer. Like may people, lawyers included, I dislike the arrogant aggressiveness that distinguish too many attorneys.  Instead of adopting the fairly common lawyer personality,  I chose to let my own personality define how I served clients.  I was less an all-knowing expert than a knowledgeable collaborator on legal matters.

This was much less stressful for me and it also generated lots of referrals from clients  who liked my approach.

Service Style

As professionals, we have come a long way from the guru-like expert sitting behind his desk dispensing wisdom.  When setting up my own law practice, a very senior practitioner recommended that my desk and chair be a little higher than clients so they would have to look up to me.  I opted instead for a dining room type setting where I met clients around the table, an approach that worked well for me and clients appreciated.

Today, I favor a home-based office with business interactions online or by telephone.  This gives me the flexibility connect with others wherever and whenever mutually convenient.

These are but two of the many factors that distinguish my services from others. As noted, I offer them as examples only.  Just because they work well for me, it does not necessarily mean that they will work equally well for you.

The essential question what are the many features that  distinguish your services from all others?

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