In All Marketing, Content Is King and Quality Trumps Quantity

September 15, 2015 8:47 am


In All Marketing, Content Is King and Quality Trumps Quantity

content is kingCurrent contemporary wisdom tells us that content is king. This makes a great deal of sense. And it’s true whether the content focuses on a personal interest like gourmet cooking or work responsibilities such as marketing professional services.

Good content attracts visitors to your website, blog or social media posts. And the same good content helps potentially ideal clients find us attractive enough to consider hiring us to help them.

It is however important to remember that … we and our followers …can get too much of good thing.

As good as the finest things in life are, too much of them is not a good thing.


Think of the common ‘aholism’ words that describe how otherwise enjoyable things become problems when carried to extremes: alcoholic, chocoholic, workaholic. As elements of a balanced life, alcohol, chocolate and work can add pleasure to our lives. To much of any of these things starts to demand a huge price for the pleasure.

A similar thing happens with content. As an element of a balanced marketing approach, content adds value for us and our followers. Too much content…contentaholism?… starts to demand more from us than the value it delivers for us. With an out-of-balance focus on generating content, we become driven to produce more and more…sometimes several posts each day. Not good!

As service professionals, content is a critical component of our marketing. Among other things, it is our content that defines who we are and how we help our clients.

Content Is King

When we start to move into the problematic area of contentaholism we risk losing the very people we want to attract—potentially ideal clients.

To avoid the problematic issue of contentaholism, the best approach is to shift the focus from quantity to quality.

Not only will your readers appreciate the shift, instead of feeling increasingly pushed to create more and more content, you will feel really good about the quality of content that you do produce.

How rich is your web content?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss your content and perhaps improve it.

2 thoughts on “In All Marketing, Content Is King and Quality Trumps Quantity

  1. Melinda"mendy" Francis

    Give what you understand the best appearance when written down in a few words,rather than giving quantity a better seat in order to drive your message of the business you are trying to promote,which can,or will become mundane to prospective clients.


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