MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Capture Leads from Your Website

June 28, 2017 7:00 am


MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Capture Leads from Your Website

How effectively do you capture leads generated by your website?

If like most of us who want our website to generate more new business, you probably welcome all the help you can get.

I recently leaned of a report that offers valuable help in capturing more leads from your website:  Generate Leads from Your Website a comprehensive article by  Siteoscope.

Due to space constraints, I have extracted the following material from the article.  However, the original article is well worth a full read.  A kink to the original article follows the extracted version:

…Website owners can have different objectives in mind when they decide to create a website. But for most small business owners, the main objective of a website is to generate more leads for their business.

And yet most of these websites aren’t optimized to do exactly that, and end up with lost opportunities.

The good news is that all isn’t lost. Setting up your website to generate leads doesn’t require special knowledge, but it does require an intimate understanding of your customers in order to do it well.

Capture Leads

Capturing Leads - Siteoscope

Once your website starts to gain traction, it’s time to create different lead capture points to collect their contact information.

This is where your insight into your potential customers will be critical, because not all of your website’s visitors will be ready to become paying customers. They may need to learn more about your business and what you have to offer before they’re ready to purchase from you.

Start by plotting the various stages of your customer journey, and identify what information they need in order to move to the next. Create landing pages for each stage of the customer journey that contains that information, and add relevant call-to-action buttons to move them to the next relevant stage.

For customers at the earlier stages, you will need to entice them to leave their contact information so that you can continue to engage them until they’re ready to buy. Set a micro-conversion goal like collecting e-mails at different points in your website, so that you can send them newsletters later on and stay top-of-mind.

One way to do this, and further maximize the content you’ve already produced is by getting visitors to subscribe to your blog. Depending on your business, you can also entice them with offers like case studies, infographics, and white papers that they can download after leaving their emails. This, will not only help you gather relatively warmer leads, the content you provided will also help nurture those leads.

On the other hand, customers at the later stages will be ready to get in touch with you. The key here is to make this process as seamless and frictionless as possible. Be sure to have a contact form on each page where they can leave their information, so you or your sales team can get in touch with them. Alternatively, they may want to initiate contact themselves, so be sure to add your own contact information on those pages, like your phone number and office address…

To review the original article, click here.

As you probably know, referrals represent an excellent source of leads.

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