Business Referrals Strategies That Generate Ideal Clients

August 22, 2017 9:00 am


Business Referrals Strategies That Generate Ideal Clients

For many professionals, finding the right  business referrals strategies presents a serious obstacle or challenge to their marketing.

In today’s quickly changing digital age, too many professionals seem to have forgotten the fundamentals generating new business.

Many eagerly jump onto the the technology bandwagon, adding as many digital marketing bells and whistles as possible.

Realistically, the most successful marketing continues to be based on the conventional marketing wisdom of attracting ideal clients, which approach has consistently generated the most new business for professionals. Appropriate business referrals strategies are essential to attracting new and ideal clients. 

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, the concept of marketing professional services was not widely recognized. It was during that period of time that I started my own law practice in a community that was fairly new to me.

Not only were there no marketing resources available, there was no time to look for them even if they existed. I needed clients and I needed them fast. So I did what lawyers before me and other professionals like me did: I met as many strangers as possible.

These strangers became friends and acquaintances who soon started to make business referrals to me.

Happily once these referrals became satisfied clients, they too began to refer their friends and acquaintances. And so my practice grew.

Without even realizing it, I was practicing the art of networking, one of the best of all possible business referrals strategies.

Using LinkedIn

Fast forward to today. Sometime ago, I started a new project.

In order for this project to succeed, I need to meet a whole lot of new people who can help me with its development and attracting clients. Using LinkedIn, I have identified and am connecting with over 100 potentially helpful strangers.

The process of identifying and connecting with potentially helpful strangers is also an element of networking. It is a key element of the best business referrals strategies.

From my perspective, networking today is so much faster, easier and more effective than the approach followed so many years ago.

Instead of traveling to and from mutually convenient meeting places, today’s connections are made through social media such as LinkedIn. And no longer limited by geographic boundaries, we are free to connect with like-minded people wherever they may be.

The same business referrals strategies that have worked so well live and in person in local communities work equally well in today’s global village.

The best way to generate new business is to practice the basics of marketing professional services: networking and referrals.

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