3 Things You Need to Know About Business Networking

October 20, 2015 8:30 am


3 Things You Need to Know About Business Networking

“What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Business Networking?”

raises that question in her LinkedIn post about business networking.

For me two things come to mind, each a deju vu experience.

Back in the day when I was still conducting live training workshops, I asked the same question substituting marketing for business networking.

Nidhu, reports:  “…the responses I get vary from “wine & dine,” “overwhelming,” “business cards” and “elevator pitch” to “tiring” and “do not like.”

In my case, the responses included “advertising”, “sales”, “research”, and the like.

I reframed marketing to include everything we do to to generate more new business. Business networking would naturally be part of this combination.

The second deja vu experience was the networking book that McGraw Hill invited me to write.  Eventually the book was entitled Networking Is More Than Doing Lunch*.

In her redefinition of networking Nidhu confirmed the broader meaning of networking as suggested by the title of my book.

Redefining Business Networking

Nihu’s post continues:

1. Networking Does not Have to be Wine and Dine

Let’s take a pause and ask ourselves: “Who made the rule that you need to network over a glass of wine in a conference/ballroom and exchange business cards?” Successful people know instead that networking can happen your way, at your time, and at your favorite place: you can meet new people at a hike, at a friend’s birthday party, or at a volunteering activity. Pick and choose your most-liked activity, find a group that shares this passion, and then go and join them. You will feel much more relaxed and naturally confident, and create a better first impression.

However, the most successful people I have met in the business world are the ones who have realized that this is one of the most significant tools for personal and professional development. They have made networking a way of life — and they love it. Why? Because they have learned and understood a few secrets about this so-called “task.” Here are a few things they know:

* Now out of print, this book has been reformatted as an Ebook, Social Networking for Professionals – How Your Contacts Can Help Grow Your Business

How will business networking help improve your marketing?