All Business Communication Is About Generating New Business

June 01, 2015 7:00 am


All Business Communication Is About Generating New Business

business communicationOnce upon a time, business communication was about exchanging information. That was before the Internet and automated telephone systems became common communication vehicles.

Potential customers and clients contacted individual businesses for information about specific products or services. And in response, businesses provided information intended to answer these questions.

Now, websites and interactive telephone systems provide standard information and answer frequently asked questions. As a result, business communication offers unique opportunities to engage and interact with clients and potential sources of new business.

Strangers making contact through a website or telephone help us understand what they need, want and often expect from us. By tracking these questions and comments, it’s a simple process to revise web and telephone content to anticipate and address common issues and questions. Similarly, feedback of any kind, especially favorable comments from clients and network contacts can generate excellent content for outgoing website and telephone system messaging.

Business Communication Reminds Clients How You Help Them

Among the information that your business communication delivers is a subtle reminder of how your services help clients. In routine and reporting communications detail your services factually but subtly. Instead of promoting yourself, help readers understand how your help them and people like them. Not only will this encourage potential clients to do business with you, it will help remind existing clients and network contacts the benefits that your services deliver.

The key to effectively using business communication as vehicles for generating new business, is to maintain a clear focus on what clients need, want and expect On the other hand, resist the temptation to use your communications for blatant self-promotion.

Now it’s your turn: how to you use standard or routine business communication to generate more business?


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