Authentic Brand Stories Make Better Connections

November 11, 2015 7:30 am


Authentic Brand Stories Make Better Connections

brand storiesAuthentic stories help you build emotional connections with customers. But how can you relate your brand stories back to the target audience?

People are instinctively drawn to brands that are considered more authentic than their competitors. How can your brand win?

Below are four tactics that can help add a layer of authenticity to your brand stories, a key element of content marketing.

The Best Brand Stories Start With A Clear Purpose

Many writers say that there is really only one rule for good writing: show, don’t tell. It means that in order to convince your readers, make sure to demonstrate what you offer with details. But before you add detailed information, you have to think what you want to convey in the story.

Similarly, when you create brand stories, you need to start with a clear purpose and then build content around that purpose so readers can imagine and care about your story.

“The clearer brands are about their purpose, the more they can use that as a filter for decisions and interactions in advertising. If brands do not have a clear agenda, consumers will not know how to evaluate them,” says Brandon Murphy, chief strategy officer at agency 22squared.

Authentic Brand Stories Encourage Consumers To Get Involved

Once you have a clear purpose, you should study your audience’s behaviors and develop content that benefits the target community.

“When we develop authentic content for our clients, we do lots of research to build cultural footprint to understand what’s happening in their target community and where we can provide value,” says Trevor Guthrie, co-founder of agency Giant Spoon that handles GE’s media strategy and execution.

Unleash The Power Of Influencer Marketing

In order to connect with consumers more directly, more organically and at scale, you need to make sure your voice is not just yours. One way to do this is influencer marketing.

A May 2015 study by marketing research firm Schlesinger Associates shows that 69 percent of more than 600 marketing professionals said that that their influencer engagement strategy was effective, and 84 percent expected to launch at least one campaign involving an influencer in the next 12 months.

The campaign tapped into popular show “Lip Sync Battle” to celebrate #OneofaKindLipSync. Speakr’s social influencers posted on different platforms and invited their followers to join them at the Lip Sync Booth in Times Square.

The campaign generated more than one million social engagements within a week after its debut.

How will brand stories help you improve your marketing?

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