Your Brand Positioning Statement Differentiates You

July 03, 2015 7:00 am


Your Brand Positioning Statement Differentiates You

brand positioning statementA brand positioning statement is one of the best tools for distinguishing yourself from the competition.

If you don’t know what a brand positioning statement is, let alone how to prepare one, check out How to Create Your Brand Positioning Statement.

Once completed, not only will your brand positioning statement help differentiate you from all others, it will serve as a message check-list for your marketing content.

How A Brand Positioning Statement Works

Let’s consider the following as the brand positioning statement for this website.

To service professionals who want new business but lack the know-how and time, this site offers practical, experience-based educational information that helps professionals learn about marketing their services in small manageable chunks of time.

Four Elements of the Statement

This statement contains four elements, each of which is a required element of all web content.

Element #1: To service professionals …

This element identifies the target market…people who provide professional services. It’s not intended for home-owners, investors, job seekers or any one else who does not deliver professional services.

Element #2:who want new business but lack the know-how and time

Most of us want new business, but few of us have either or both of the know-how and time. If a marketing-savvy consultant is looking for help in improving her coaching skills, this blog won’t help. Similarly, if a consultant who absolutely loves marketing (yes there really are such people) wants to enhance his digital marketing know-how and expertise, other websites will offer more help.

Content on this website will help professionals overcome the two main obstacles to marketing their services and as a result generating more new business.

Element #3:experience-based educational information that helps professionals learn about marketing …

Instead of hypothetical ideas and abstract concepts, the site offers practical, experience-based information to help visitors learn how to better market their services.

Regardless of how interesting and intriguing they may appear, untested theories should not find a place on this site.

Element #4in small manageable chunks of time.

Professionals are busy people. Few have either the time or the desire to engage in long drawn out learning processes. In response to this reality, content on this website should be clear and concise. Ideally, readers will be able to digest and process the ideas and concepts in about the same time it would take to have a coffee.

In application, all your marketing content must reflect corresponding four elements of your brand positioning statement. This will ensure consistency with your overall brand, which in turn will help differentiate you and your services from all others.

How did I do with this post? How well does the content reflect the four elements?

How well does your most recently prepared marketing content reflect your brand positioning statement? Check it out.

The closer that your marketing content matches your brand positioning statement, the more you will differentiate yourself from all others. And even better, the more effective your marketing messages will be.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss your brand positioning statement and how it will help you stand out from the crowd.

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