How To Increase Your Professional Brand Awareness

November 09, 2015 8:30 am


How To Increase Your Professional Brand Awareness

brand awarenessYour professional brand awareness represents your position in the marketplace. (To increase your brand awareness, it’s important to understand and appreciate the role of branding in marketing professional services.  To learn more, see:  Ignore the Myths – Professional Service Branding Helps You Succeed)

The higher the level of brand awareness the better.    With a high level of brand awareness, you are well positioned to attract more new clients.

There are many techniques for increasing brand awareness. These techniques include sponsorship, trade show exhibits, branded advertising specialties and clothing, display ads in professional/ business publications and so on.

Certainly these approaches can help increase the awareness of your name. But how do they distinguish you from others using the same tools. And how do they tell potential clients how you can help them?

As an alternative, here are some suggestions that can help raise your brand awareness above the crowd.

7 Techniques for Increasing Brand Awareness

1.  Continue to Exceed Client Expectations

Exceeding clients’ expectations involves changing the way you think about them and treat them interact like good friends.
Continue to acknowledge and assure your clients that you care about them, that they are more than just revenue sources. They are valued business partners, whose well-being and success are inter-connected with yours.

Satisfying clients’ needs and wants is good. Exceeding their expectations is better.

2. Deliver Memorable Client Experiences

Service professionals who create positive and memorable experiences for clients position themselves high above a competitive marketplace. As a result, they also capture clients’ hearts, dollars and ongoing loyalty.

There is no better way of generating sustainable repeat and referral business.

What a powerful brand promise!

To learn more see:  From Good Professional Services to Memorable Experiences – Keep Your Clients Coming Back

3. Write A Book

As an expert in your field, you have a valuable know-how filed away in your mental, physical and electronic archives. For example, almost 50% of the content for this book came from my archives.

As an author, both your credibility as an expert the awareness of your profile increase dramatically.

Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field – Showcase Your Expertise & Attract More Clients

4. Do A Research Study & Report

As part of your market research, you listen to the market. This helps you understand what clients need want and expect.

You can also listen to identify emerging issues and then prepare reports that shine some real light on the subject. Reports like this speak volumes about your professional expertise.

5. Develop A Hall Of Fame’ of Outstanding Individuals In Your Service Area

These can be audio, video or written profiles of outstanding individuals in your service area. These profiles will likely be of wide interest to your target audience. This will draw attention to your brand.

And second, you will establish relationships with these people. Both your visibility and reputation will increase.

6. Partner With A Not-For-Profit Or Community Organization

Instead of donating funds, undertake a project with a not-for-profit or community organization. Partner with a trade association that serves your target clients.

By providing the resources and doing most of the work, you share the credit. This helps boosts your brand and increases the awareness of the partner organization.

7.  Write A Series Of Case Studies

Instead of case studies like in a text book, tell the stories of how clients have effectively applied your insights and observations. Write about those clients who are doing interesting or ground-breaking things.

How will increasing brand awareness help you improve your marketing?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss how you can increase your brand awareness.