The Pages Are Blank: What do YOU Want?

January 17, 2018 10:00 am


The Pages Are Blank: What do YOU Want?


As has oft been said, “Out with old…in with the new!”

Loving creativity and innovation as much as I do, that’s a concept that totally resonates with me.

Nothing frustrates and demoralizes me more than continuously performing the same old, same old actions. Out with the old indeed!

On the other had, there are few things more exciting and energizing than the new opportunities associated with new beginnings.

In with the new…YES!!

The Blank Pages of 2018

The start of 2018 represents a whole bunch of new blank pages to fill with accomplishments and achievements.

Among other benefits, new opportunities offer the chance to start afresh, leaving past failures and frustrations behind us. Certainly, we can learn lots from past experience and mistakes.

But there is no need or benefit to carry the emotional baggage of former failures along with the lessons learned.

Given my love of new opportunities, I have long list of new things in the works for 2018.

But this message is not about what I want … it’s about what you want.

From a marketing perspective, what do you want on those blank pages of 2018?

And equally important, what marketing tools and resources do you want … and need … to achieve better results this year?

Maybe you want more referrals or a more supportive network. Perhaps it’s time to focus on attracting, serving and satisfying only those clients you love to serve…or maybe refine your brand in order to attract more ideal clients. For some of us the time has come to get serious about digital marketing … and we need help.

I offer these suggestions as a starting point for your consideration of what you want in and from your 2018 marketing.

What would it take for you to achieve the improved marketing results that you want?

To help you with the process, I invite you to use my new Facebook business page to post your marketing wants.

To prime the pump, I have listed a couple of my own marketing wants. One is fairly detailed; the other only three words. Feel free to use whatever approach works for you.

More likely than not, somewhere there is some one who can help you. By posting what you want, you trigger the law of attraction. This means that by publicly stating what you want, you open yourself to the possibility of connecting with those sources of help that you have not yet identified.

To post what you want in your marketing, click here.

What Do You Want On My New Facebook Page?

My new Facebook page is in the very early stages of development.

Instead of building it based on what I want, I would prefer to hear what you want there. While you are the page posting what you want in your marketing, please take another minute or so and tell me what you want on my Facebook page.

To help you identify what you would like to see, I have listed 18 possibilities.

  • Which of these items would you like to see on my Facebook page?
  • Which of these possibilities are of interest?
  • What would you like that is not listed?

Thank you for reading this message and thanks in advance for your postings.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best in 2018



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