The Real Benefits of Email Marketing

November 05, 2014 9:13 am


The Real Benefits of Email Marketing

benefits of email marketingNot a big fan of the technique, I must admit there are indeed benefits of email marketing.

For some time now, I have have been noticing online comments that suggest email is starting to lose its appeal, to be replaced by social media applications and Instant Messaging.

When I recently saw a post reporting that voice mail was also losing its appeal, I decided to join the discussion with a series of blog posts about whether or not both email and voice mail were on the way to obsolescence.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

These posts generated a number of comments, the most interesting of which was from Ken Marmer, Vice President at Cleriti. A certified inbound marketer, Ken suggested:

“Email marketing should always be part of a lead nurturing program that is utilized when using an inbound marketing strategy. By sending targeted information to consumers are interested in particular topics and questions, you will be able to nurture leads effectively through email marketing…”


In his comment, Ken has set out the most important of all benefits of email marketing: nurture leads effectively. In fact, this same benefit is the most essential element of all marketing communication.

Sure we use our marketing communication to increase our profile in the marketplace and attract clients. But realistically, that is only the starting point of nurturing leads.

Communicating With Leads

Ken’s comment closes with a confirmation of the role of email in nurturing leads.

“…On the other hand, sending out an eblast is useless and not effective. Buying a list is not cost effective. Communicating with leads who find you first, based on your authority and thought leadership IS effective.”

Thanks, Ken, well said.

Clearly the most important of all benefits of email marketing is its ability to nurture leads…not send the same message to everyone whose email address you have, or can access.



One thought on “The Real Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Melinda"mendy" Francis

    I love this post. I do believe that email marketing can nurture a new business lead. Why not send an email to a very lucrative business you have yourself wanting to join for so long? Or may be not joining,maybe just for information,and to share what you know,which could boost your sales,and get even greater leads. I say it’s a new message on the scale of greater gains in marketing.


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