Better Client Services Through Automation

May 14, 2014 8:23 am


Better Client Services Through Automation

Given that automation streamlines routine tasks, how can it be applied to client service?

Addressing that issue requires understanding how much of your client services are of a routine nature.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Currently, the more routine aspects of professional services are performed by either or both of experienced support staff and qualified technicians.

Administrative assistants commonly gather routine information from clients, freeing up more time for the professionals to exercise his or her judgment to analyze the issue and formulate a solution.

automationIncreasingly, automation can simplify many routine tasks. At a nearby medical clinic, for example, patients register by using a computer to provide personal information such as name, brief medical history and health insurance details.

This automation is an example of the trend to automate the more routine pieces of client services.

As technology advances there are and will continue to be more opportunities for the automation of elements of our professional services.

Building Core Strengths

Coaches and consultants frequently find themselves working with clients who need some help in making changes and managing the challenges in their lives. Even the coach or consultant has helped many other clients develop the skills to support the change process, personal delivery of these services is not always the best use of professional time.

In many cases, automating the process of skill training could achieve the same outcome more efficiently and at lower cost for the client.

metal WhistleAnother example of automating the more routine pieces of client services, Strong for Performance simplifies the change process, making it easier to create new patterns for interacting with others and handling challenges. It’s an online virtual coaching system that helps individuals build the core strengths that really matter at work, almost like having a personal trainer.

If you are not sure about the concept of automated skill training, check it out for yourself. And don’t forget to take a look at the video.

Even if you have no interest in automated skill training, Strong for Performance stands as an example of how standardized aspects of professional services can be automated. It’s a preview of a growing trend that will affect how we deliver our professional services.

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