How To Harvest Instant Referrals

August 30, 2017 10:00 am


How To Harvest Instant Referrals

Wouldn’t instant referrals be great?

Whenever you want new business, just say the magic word or snap your fingers and bingo…instant referrals.  That would be like wanting a fresh tomato…then going to the garden to pick one.

However, in the real world, things like referrals and fresh produce don’t happen instantly.  They are the end result of processes that take time, energy and nurturing.

Generating Referrals Is Like Growing A Garden

Successful gardening starts long before the seeds are planted.  Experienced gardeners start thinking about what they want to harvest long before they even grab a shovel. What kind of produce do they want to harvest? How much of each variety do they want?

Even more importantly, what will it take in terms of time, money and other resources, to generate the desired harvest? It’s only when these issues have been addressed that that the physical actions of preparing the garden can begin. It is only after the garden has been nurtured and allowed to mature that harvest becomes a real possibility.

Seeking instant referrals, many people go to networking events thinking that they will get business right there. Invariably, they usually end up with nothing.

Smart networkers know that you go to events to plant the right referral seeds and meet potential referral sources.  Prior to attending any events, these networkers identify what kinds of referrals they want to harvest and how many.

After each event effective networkers follow up with meetings and by completing those actions that will produce a harvest of referrals down the road.

A Harvest Of Instant Referrals

Garden seeds and plants grow and mature at different rates.  Some produce harvestable produce almost instantly.  Others seem to take forever to reach the stage that anything worthwhile can be harvested.

Similarly, the process of generating new business sometimes produces near instant referrals. Other times it seems that those elusive instant referrals will never materialize.

Sooner or later, most gardens, even those with minimal care and attention will produce harvestable produce.  Likewise most referral processes will produce welcome results, albeit usually not as quickly as we would like.

Gardening experience tells us there is no such thing as an instant harvest.  Good produce requires careful planning for the harvest.

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